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Hi-Fi World - April 2022 4 Globes

"It’s difficult not to like this little player, which will give many a chance to rediscover their CDs - instead of throwing them away."




The CD Box S3 is the first product of Pro-Ject’s new S3 line. Not only is the circuit design reworked, the case has also been significantly changed and the CD Box S3 introduces a completely new S3 size. Besides the new full aluminium casework, the CD Box S3 also features a 1,54“ display with colour inversion function which shows you all relevant information you need to enjoy your favourite CDs. Easily control the CD player with the buttons on the front, or with the supplied remote control.


In contrast to DVD or Blu-ray Disc players, a pure CD player is frequently better in the playback of stereo CDs. The drive in the CD Box S3 enables 1:1 bit-accurate CD playback. The all new DAC chip provides the best digital analogue conversion with a bit depth & sampling rate up to 32bit/384kHz. The slot-in mechanism smoothly draws in the CD and, after a few seconds, it is ready to play. For even more versatility and no limits, the S/PDIF coaxial output can feed an external DAC. This way, you can let your favourite high-end DAC convert the accurately transferred bit stream from the CD.


The CD Box is the perfect addition to any HiFi system.


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Pro-Ject CD Box S3

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