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Pro-Ject has been producing affordable, compact CD players for many years; but the CD Box E represents something new. In an age where beloved CD collections may be gathering dust, the ability to access high-quality CD playback without taking up a lot of space and without breaking the bank is highly appealing. The CD Box E slots into your system like an "accessory", but it delivers all the musicality you remember from your cherished CDs.


The CD Box E is designed as a purist's CD player with its slot-load Red-Book Standard CD drive mounted in a shock-proof housing. The internal DAC is also of the highest quality to ensure an exceptional sound performance. Its low-jitter design and 24-bit / 192kHz capable DAC are all part of a sophisticated electrical design that enables 1:1 bit-accurate CD playback.


Connection to your wider system is easy thanks to the high-quality, low-output impedance RCA terminals. However, if you have a preferred DAC already in your system you can also make use of the Coaxial S/PDIF digital output.


The CD Box E boasts the same beautiful brushed and anodized aluminium front panel as Pro-Ject's premium S, DS and RS line players, so it will be a sure eye-catcher in your living room. The rest of the chassis is made of a rigid metal sheet assuring stability and immunity against outer mechanical and electromagnetical influences. Visually, it is a homage to Pro-Ject's original CD Box, but its price and performance ensure it stands out as a great performer in the modern market.


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Pro-Ject CD Box E

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