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Premium Stereo System with Bluetooth Connection.

Our SC-DM502 provides clear, rich sound from bass to treble with a great interior structure. It is compatible with various sources and its ergonomically based design will meet all your listening needs.


Wooden Enclosure contributes to rich sound.

Wooden Enclosure is highly rigid, reducing vibration and reverberation and faithfully reproducing the original sound in the low frequency range, with a natural tone unique to wooden materials.


Aero-dynamic port produces clear, deep bass.

The aero-dynamic port helps to deliver smoother airflow and reduce air turbulence. The compounded effect of the wooden enclosure and the aero-dynamic port results in stronger and accurate low frequencies.


Copper Cap for smooth, clear treble.

Copper Cap cuts fluctuations in voice coil inductance in the high frequency range, improves magnetic flux, and achieves smooth high sound without distortion.


Supports a variety of music sources.

In addition to FM radio, the DM502 delivers various music sources. This includes DAB/DAB+ access to versatile radio stations, Bluetooth connection for transferring music from a smartphone, and AUX connection.


Superior sound quality improves your TV.

The DM502 is equipped with Optical Input terminals for easy connection with a TV. With the equaliser including settings optimised for Cinema and News, you can enjoy superb sound quality along with images on screen.


Start your day with the radio.

The DM502 comes with a Play Timer that automatically plays content at a specific time every day. The audio source and volume can be set in advance, so you can enjoy your favourite songs without tedious setting.


Ergonomically based, natural user experience

Overall design is simple and sophisticated, blending into any interior, while details are ergonomically designed to be intuitive. It’s stress-free and comfortable to use, as every day items you use in daily life.

Panasonic SC-DM502

£259.99 Regular Price
£249.99Sale Price
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