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What HiFi? - 5 Star Review

"The next generation of Radius has arrived, complete with new models, greater versatility and higher, wider, deeper sound" 


Home Cinema Choice - Best Buy

"Seamless, coherent soundstage; wonderful detail reproduction; superb bass grip and slam; stunning design."


Radius 380compact subwoofer


Since the last Radius series we’ve applied our research and development to the challenge of subwoofer design. It’s relatively easyto produce large bass in a large box, but finding the optimum mix of parameters required to generate genuinely deep dynamic bass from a space efficient Radius cabinet requires a vastly more innovativeapproach.


We’re confident that the ultra-compact Radius 380 will elevate your expectations of what’s possible in a small enclosure: the Radius 380 and its companion 390 rewrite the rules.


Within the 380’s diminutive cube, twin side-firing 8” C-CAM drivers - one activeand one passive ABR – work in tandem with a powerful 200 W cool-running Class D amplifier (double the power of its predecessor) to deliver a seismic bass foundation for films and music, distinguished by an intoxicating blend of depth and speed.


Tuned for an utterly dynamic result with Radius satellites in film and music systems,the 380 also offers Impact, Movie and Music pre-sets for easy EQ operation. The drivers have no grilles but are colour-coded tocoordinate with cabinet finish.


A 12 V trigger syncs the 380 with other AV components when the system is activate




18 mm MDF cabinet construction with internal bracing.


Cool-running 140 W Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPSU)


Twin side-firing 8" C-CAM drivers - one active and one passive ABR


Low pass filter switch – for LFE or Stereo input selection


Power switch with ON – Auto- Off/ trigger settings


Stereo/ LFE RCA inputs


3 x Pre-set EQ settings – Music/Movie/Impact

Monitor Audio Radius 380 Subwoofer

£575.00 Regular Price
£517.50Sale Price
  • with Auxiliary (ABR) loading. 18 mm MDF cabinet

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