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What HiFi? July 2010 - 5 Star Review

(Reviewed as part of the Apex 5.1 speaker system)

"It’s a luxurious proposition, this system. Of course, it doesn’t come cheap – especially if you bring the optional speaker stands to the party – but its sonic character and build do elevate it above the competition. It’s well worth every one of it’s five stars, too."


Home Cinema Choice February 2011 - Best Buy

(Reviewed as part of the Apex 5.1 speaker system)

"These speakers may be small, but their sound certainly isn’t; if you have this sort of money to spend, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better compact system."


Trusted Reviews August 2010 - Recommended

(Reviewed as part of the Apex 5.1 speaker system)

"The Apex system is the holy grail of style speaker systems, one that delivers audiophile standard sound quality without making huge demands on your living space. It offers the sort of powerful, insightful audiophile sound that you don’t automatically associate with satellite speakers, a result of the astonishing build quality and clever technology that lies within each unit. The price tag might seem exorbitant at first, but have a listen for yourself and you’ll soon appreciate how easily they justify the expense."



Apex A40


Apex is a 'flagship' range of versatile compact speakers, which blends elite styling with the advanced technologies of our award-winning speakers. Twice named 'Best Style Speaker Package' at the What Hi-Fi? Awards, Apex delivers high quality audio with designer appeal.


The cabinets are made from rigid die-cast aluminium coated in a sumptuous black metallic or pearl white metallic high gloss lacquer. The C-CAM bass driver, which has been engineered exclusively for Apex, uses high performance RST dimpled cone geometry for added rigidity. Drivers are secured to the cabinet using a single central through-bolt fixing, which acts as a cabinet brace to reduce resonance.


Innovative high quality metal wall brackets supplied with the A10 and A40 are custom designed to make installation quick, easy and secure. When installed, the speaker can be tilted precisely for the best stereo or surround sound imaging. A stylish, internally pre-wired floor stand for the A10 is also available.


Due to its precision-engineered voicing, the Apex range can be mixed in any combination to match room size, shape and acoustics, delivering the audio range and quality of much larger hi fi speakers in an extremely stylish and space-friendly way.

Monitor Audio Apex A40

£725.00 Regular Price
£652.50Sale Price
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