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The Perfect Pair for LG OLED C Series

Introducing LG Soundbar SC9S— the perfect companion for your LG OLED C series. 

Experience more immersive sound with a seamless design.


Synergy that Completes a Whole New Experience

LG Sound Bar is perfect for LG TVs. The best TV and Sound Bar synergy takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level. Enjoy them with a breeze.


Exclusive Bracket for LG OLED C

An Exclusive Bracket allows you to place Soundbar in the right position so that you can hear the best sound. Both as a stand or wall-mounted, your Soundbar creates optimal sound with a sleek design.


WOW Orchestra Creates Captivating Sound

LG Sound Bar presents perfect harmonious sound with LG TV. It uses both LG TV sound and LG Sound Bar at once for the ultimate listening experience. Feel every detail of sound.


*Compatible TVs : OLED Z3/M3/G3/C3/B3/A3/Z2/G2/C2/CS/B2/A2, QNED 99/95/90/85/80.

**Please note that service may not be available at the time of purchase. A network connection is required for the update.


Easy Control with WOW Interface

Now, convenience is in your hand. Control your Sound Bar through LG TV with one remote. With one click of the remote, you can see the Sound Bar’s menu and settings on the TV screen. Such as volume control, checking the connection status, and even selecting a sound mode.

*Compatible TVs : OLED Z3/M3/G3/C3/B3/A3/Z2/G2/C2/CS/B2/A2, QNED 99/95/90/85/80/75, NANO 80/75, UHD UR/UQ, FHD 63.

**This feature support Sound Bar's status check and change settings via TV on-screen, Volume level matching (40- 100), Sound Bar Mode Control.

***Please note that service may not be available at the time of purchase. A network connection is required for the update.


Experience Theater Quality Sound

LG Soundbar combines with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and IMAX Enhanced to bring theater-like sound to your living room. It surrounds you in clear and realistic sound from all sides, placing you in the center of your favorite movies for powerful, true-to-life sound with every scene.


World’s 1st Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Triple Up-firing Channels

Meet the World’s First Triple Up-firing Channels. It means that LG Soundbar SC9S delivers a wider and richer soundstage. Enjoy the most immersive sound experience at home.


Triple Level Spatial Sound Creates a Virtual Sound Dome

LG Soundbar SC9S pushes the boundary of the entertainment experience. Your Soundbar presents Triple Level Spatial Sound— a more immersive and accurate sound experience.


By using an HRTF(Head Related Transfer Function) related 3D engine, your Soundbar creates a virtual middle layer. It means that the sound layers realize sophisticated surround sound that you would only experience in theater.

*’Triple Level Spatial Sound’ is available in CINEMA / AI Sound Pro Mode of Soundbar .**The mid-layer is created using Soundbar ’s speaker channel. The sound of the front and front-top speakers are synthesized to build a sound field.***If there is no rear speaker, the rear field cannot be created.


Feel the Roar of the Bass

Feel stronger, deeper bass in your favorite songs and movies. The wireless subwoofer hit low notes with ease, with increased volume, and bass quality transmitted over a longer distance.


Exceptional Content Experience

Connect your LG Soundbar SC9S to a console or Blu-ray player to immerse yourself in your favorite games, TV shows, and movies. Your Soundbar offers a lag-free viewing experience with the best picture and sound.


£999.99 Regular Price
£499.99Sale Price
  • LG Soundbar has a 4K Pass-through. It transmits data without losing quality. So you can enjoy both stunning audio and video with minimal connections.

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