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The A1 uses proven technologies to deliver a premium “automatic” turntable system worthy of the prestigious Pro-Ject Audio Systems name. The A1 is the first model in Pro-Ject’s Automat turntable series and delivers class-leading sound alongside an effortless user experience, which makes listening to vinyl records in high quality easier than ever before. 


The A1 is designed to be both elegant and minimalist in its aesthetics while adhering to purist audiophile standards to deliver the best possible sound. This expectation is achieved by the extensive use of premium, anti-resonant materials and technologies throughout its construction. From its sturdy wooden base sat upon four silicon-damped feet, through to its damped metal platter and reinforced headshell – every part of the A1 is designed to keep unwanted resonances away from the musical signal for perfect playback. 


What sets the A1 apart from others is its fully automatic belt-drive system. This well-established technology, originally developed and produced by Alfred Fehrenbacher GmbH in St. Georgen in the Black Forest (Germany) delivers a quiet, efficient, and reliable fully automatic experience at both 33 and 45 RPM. The system is also entirely mechanical, avoiding the need for any extra built-in electronics, and is entirely disengaged when the record is playing – allowing the turntable to perform flawlessly, without interference. All you have to do is set the playback speed and then push START; the A1 takes care of the rest for you. 


There is further convenience thanks to its built-in moving magnet (MM) phono stage, meaning it is ready to connect into almost any audio system with a spare LINE or AUX input available. However, by making the phono stage switchable, this feature can also be bypassed for systems that already have or wish to upgrade to an external phono pre-amp. 


The A1 features a sturdy, low-mass aluminium tonearm perfectly suited to Ortofon’s popular OM cartridge range. The supplied OM 10 cartridge with its elliptical diamond stylus profile is pre-aligned and pre-set for tracking-force, allowing for “plug and play” playback of the turntable out of the box. But the OM range can also be easily improved with stylus upgrades that can further enhance the sound from your system. 


The A1 is a pure Pro-Ject product. Made in Europe to exacting standards to achieve a stylish aesthetic and a first-class sound; it is incomparable on the market. Supplied with a detachable dust cover and Pro-Ject’s popular Connect-IT E turntable-ready RCA phono cables in the box; this is as near to plug-and-play convenience as you can get while still experiencing a true hi-fi sound. 

Pro-Ject A1

  • Push start, sit back & relax

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